Terms of Service

Using Photos and Graphics

Photographs and Graphics on EimiTribes are released under Creative Commons (Attribution-NonCommercial) license. You are free to share and redistribute the material in any medium or format but may not use the material for commercial purposes.


Photos depicting identifiable persons (or a model) may not be used for pornographic, unlawful or other immoral purposes, or in a way that can give a bad name to people, or to imply endorsement of products and services by those persons, brands, organisations, etc.

Uploading Images

You may contribute photographs or graphics to the website, and EimiTribes will screen these uploads to see if they are suitable for distribution. EimiTribes does not accept any adult oriented images.

Your photograph or graphic should have any eimi traditional attire/dress.

By contributing your photograh or graphic to EimiTribes, you release your photos under Creative Commons (Attribution-NonCommercial) into the public domain. This applies worldwide.

You are solely responsible for the photos and graphics you contribute. You warrant that you own all proprietary rights regarding the photos and graphics to contribute.

Furthermore, You acknowledge that EimiTribes does not allow the upload of photos and graphics that infringe on any copyright, property right, trademark or any other applicable right.

You accept that even though we do our best to prevent it from happening, EimiTribes cannot be held responsible for the misuse or abuse of any photos or graphics.

We also reserve the right to remove any photos and graphics at any time if we believe it's defective, of poor quality, or in violation of any rights.

Photo or Graphic Caption
Please be very careful in giving caption to your photo or graphic, EimiTribes is in no way responsible for the caption you are giving. Please keep in mind that the same traditional attire can be pronounce differently based on the tribes.