Frequently Asked Questions

What is EmiTribes?

Please read complete write-up here.

What is the license of the photos and graphics on EimiTribes?

All photos and graphics on EimiTribes are licensed under the Creative Commons (Attribution-NonCommercial).

Can I edit or modify the photos?

Yes, it’s no problem to edit a photo, add text, add filters or modify it in any other way.

Is it allowed to post the photos on Facebook or on other social media platforms?


Can I use the photos for a commercial project?

No, read more here.

Do I need to mention the source or the photographer?

Yes, that will be nice :)

I want to submit photo or graphic to EimiTribes, what's the process?

Click this link to submit your photo or graphic. All photos and graphics you upload will be released under the Creative Commons (Attribution-NonCommercial).

What happens after I uploaded my photos?

We'll review your submission and if it's selected, your photo will be publish. Admin has the right to reject your submission if we believe that it is poor quality, or in violation of any rights or not suitable for public view.

More questions?

You can contact us at eimitribes[at]