About EimiTribes

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Our traditional costumes reflect our rich heritage and cultural legacy. The intricacy or simplicity of each traditional wear tells a story of how they are carefully woven from thread to thread. EimiTribes, an independent outfit, was formed with a sole objective to preserve and protect the cultural heritage of different tribes.

EimiTribes works on a unique model and engages talented local photographers and graphic designers who are members of different tribes to identify these customary attires and use their creativity to preserve them.

EimiTribes steers clear of politics.

The three angular shapes of the logo are inspired by the hills and mountain slopes surrounding the Northeast states. While the beautiful patterns and shapes are a depiction of design elements commonly found on traditional shawls and ethnic clothes.

The custom typeface of the logo is clean, modern and professional. It narrates the evolution story of the people: growth, creativity, contemporary ideas, aspirations and visions of modern tribals.